Onshore Oil & Gas

Cross Country Pipeline Projects

Peninsular Gas Utilization Project -Stage II

An infrastructure development project to process and transmit natural gas fed from the fields offshore Terengganu to end-users in the power, industrial and commercial sectors. The entire PGU system comprises gas transmission pipelines, supply pipelines and laterals. The Division was involved in PGU Stage II, constructing a 730-km trans-Peninsular main pipeline connecting the western and southern parts of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Singapore, and related supporting facilities.

The Peninsular Gas Utilization Project - Loop 2

Involving the procurement, construction and commissioning of a 230-km 36-inch natural gas pipeline from Segamat in Johor to Meru in Selangor, parallel to the existing main PGU line, and the upgrading of 40-km of the existing 36-inch pipeline. The PGU Loop 2 project, was undertaken by Petronas Gas to further enhance the capacity, integrity and security of the PGU gas transmission system.

EPCC of Export Pipeline (Segment B1), Melut Basin Oil Development Project,Republic of Sudan

MMC led a consortium comprising MMC, Sinopec of China and TOCO of Oman MST which provided EPCC works for a 490-km export pipeline in the Republic of Sudan. This pipeline allows the oil reserves from Blocks 3 & 7 of the Melut Basin to be transported to the Central Processing Facility, and exported to a new Marine Terminal at Port Sudan.