Water & Waste Water

Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant

Start Date
30th April 2014

Project Title
Proposed Development of Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant  and Water Reticulation System in Selangor Darul  Ehsan/ Wilayah Persekutuan, Kula Lumpur. (Langat 2 WTP and Water Reticulation – Phase 1)
Package 2A: Construction and Completion of 1130MLD Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant. 

Project Amount

Finish Date
Section 1 Completion : 12th October 2019
Section 2 Completion : 12th January 2020

Description of projects
The Construction Works consist of  the following components:

› Access road and bridge across the Sungai Langat › River diversion and channelization
› Site formation, earthworks, road works, and landscaping works › Two (2) aerator and pre‐oxidation tank structures
› Two (2) mixing chambers › Twenty (20) flocculation and clarifier tanks
› Forty‐eight (48) filters and filter galleries › Two (2) Process Control Buildings, annexes and wash water holding tanks
› Four (4) contact and clear water tanks › Treated water pumping station
› Four (4) nos. residual holding tanks › Four (4) nos. residual thickening tanks
› Two (2) nos. thickened residuals storage tanks › Two (2) nos. residual lagoons
› Three (3) nos. wash water recovery tanks › Two (2) nos. wash water recovery plant building
› Thickened residuals pumping station › All main connecting pipework
› TNB 33 kV switching station › Consumer 33kV switch house and transformer yard
› Two (2) nos. treatment plant switch houses › Generator Building and bulk fuel storage tank yard
› Administration Building › Chemical Building
› Chlorine Building › Workshop
› Store and weighbridge station › Plant residuals discharge pipework, overflow pipework and chambers
› Walkthrough ducts and service trenches › Drainage and overflow systems
› Flood detention pond and ancillary works › Guard house, fencing and gates
› Sewage treatment system, pipework and chambers › Elevated walkways and footpaths

MMCES Joint Venture with Salcon and AZSB

Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad (PAAB)

Award received