Sports Activities

MMCES Futsal Championship 2017

26 February 2017 - Sports Planet, Ampang
On 26 February 2017, we organised our first ever Futsal Championship 2017 at Sports Planet, Ampang. A total of 8 teams participated in the tournament which includes MMCES HQ, MMCES Cogen Project Site, Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant Team A & B, MMC Pembetungan Langat SdnBhd (MMC PLSB) Team A & B, MMC Berhad and MMC Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn Bhd. 

The objectives of the event were to strengthen team bonding and togetherness among participant with our project team as well as with MMC Corporation Berhad. Besides, it is also to compete among ourselves in competitive environment and sportsmanship spirit.  

The tournament saw MMC PLSB teams dominating the matches against other participating teams which led to their victory. MMC PLSB team B and A were crowned as Champion and Second place winner respectively while the third place goes to MMC Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn Bhd., which this is their last games with MMC Group Companies.

It was a competitive match and all participants displayed good sportmanship spirit and team work. Congratulations to team MMC PLSB and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next tournament.